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Vitamin intake may protect against bowel cancer

A diet in vitamin C and B vitamins appears to protect against adenomas in the bowel, even in smokers. Folate and vitamins C and B6 were inversely related to adenoma risk whereas vitamin D tended to be inversely associated with risk. A significant interaction between beta-carotene and smoking , confirming the results of previous studies looking at this nutrient’s link to cancer risk. In non-smokers however, beat –carotene was inversely associated with adenoma risk, especially that of colon adenomas    whereas in past or current smokers, the carotenoid was associated with a nonsignificant increase in the risk of colon adenomas. The effects of vitamins and beta-carotene  on the risk of colorectal adenomas had not been fully investigated before. Smokers should be cautious about taking high doses of beta-carotene.

Ref: November issue of Journal of  Nutrition  (135:2468-2472)

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